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Securing the past for the future

With over 40 years’ experience providing digitisation to the GLAM sector, we understand preserving all types of rare and fragile cultural heritage material including books, microfilm, microfiche, photographs, negatives, slides, maps and large format material through digital methods secures the past for the future.

DatacomIT is a 100% Australian owned company and is a recognised leader in digitisation of preservation material for cultural institutions. Utilising proven leading-edge technologies, we have a clear determination to deliver the most efficient and effective solution available.

The DatacomIT team has established long-standing credibility within the archives and digitisation industry, offering expertise and professionalism to our clients.


Through scanning and digitisation, you will be able to understand, interrogate, and use the data, extracting value from the information held.

Digitial Preservation

Keep content safely stored, make sure it can be found and trusted, and automatically update files to future-friendly formats.

Collection Management

Build your identity, enrich your collections, capture and manage new content, as well as discuss new ideas from anywhere in the world


By having a range of options, we can help customers find the right scanner to meet their specific needs and budget.

Leaders in Digitisation and Digital Preservation Solutions

case studies


Empowering Educational Institutions to Preserve and Share Their Heritage

We are pleased to announce an advancement in our ongoing commitment to preserving and providing access to valuable collections within university and school archives. We are currently implementing the Recollect Collection Management Solution for several prominent...

Our Webinar Draws 170+ Preservation Advocates – Webinar Recording Available

We're thrilled to announce the overwhelming success of our recent Digital Preservation and Heritage Trails webinar session! With over 170 registrations, it's safe to say that our community's enthusiasm for preserving cultural heritage knows no bounds. We want to...

EOFY 20% off Digitisation

This EOFY offering applies to any previous quote issued in 2023/24 and to any quotation we are asked to produce before EOFY Searching for a better way to manage your microfilm and microfiche archives? Microfilm and microfiche are susceptible to degradation over time,...

Caught in the Spotlight! Our Copibook Scanner Shines on ‘A Current Affair’

Our Copibook book scanner stole the show in the background at the Australian War Memorial during a recent episode of A Current Affair. A Current Affair takes us back to the 1940s! The Australian War Memorial are sifting through 1000s of love letters and looking for...

Confronting the Threats to Digital Information Longevity

In this article, we delve into the pressing issue of digital information longevity and the looming threat of data inaccessibility. As our world becomes increasingly digitised, we face the risk of losing vast amounts of valuable information due to technological...

Our dedicated technical crew is on the move

Our dedicated technical crew is on the move, taking our cutting-edge equipment on a journey from the capital to the heart of the Red Centre. Our team relocated the state-of-the-art CopiBook from Canberra to Alice Springs for AIATSIS. This move aligns with our...

Multi-location storage is not preservation

Multi-location storage, by itself, doesn't fulfill the scope or requirements of a robust digital preservation program. Storing digitised and born digital assets in multiple locations can protect them against many threats, but it still leaves them vulnerable to...

Why Digitisation Alone May Not Be Enough

Digitising your material is a crucial step, but it alone may not be sufficient to fully realise the potential benefits and ensure the long-term preservation and accessibility of your digital assets. The process of digitisation is just the beginning of a broader...

Thank you from the team at DatacomIT

As the holiday season approaches, we want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for the privilege of assisting you this year. It has been a pleasure working with you to digitise and preserve your invaluable collections and empower your community through...

Records at the University of Melbourne Archives span more than 23 kms

DatacomIT would like to congratulate the team at University of Melbourne Archives for the fantastic work they have done on creating their online Archives - University of Melbourne Archives Recollect Site The University of Melbourne Archives (UMA) is one of Australia’s...

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