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With over 40 years’ experience providing digitisation to the GLAM sector, we understand preserving all types of rare and fragile cultural heritage material including books, microfilm, microfiche, photographs, negatives, slides, maps and large format material through digital methods secures the past for the future.

DatacomIT is a 100% Australian owned company and is a recognised leader in digitisation of preservation material for cultural institutions. Utilising proven leading-edge technologies, we have a clear determination to deliver the most efficient and effective solution available.

The DatacomIT team has established long-standing credibility within the archives and digitisation industry, offering expertise and professionalism to our clients.

Leaders in Digitisation and Digital Preservation Solutions

Microform Scanners

We offer a variety of microform scanners to meet different needs and requirements, including different formats and sizes of microforms, scanning speed, image quality, and features such as automatic document feeders and image enhancement software.

Book Scanners

When choosing a book scanner, it is important to consider factors such as the size of the books you will be scanning, the resolution and image quality required, and the level of automation you need.

Touch Screen Solution

A plug and play touch screen solution for museums, libraries, galleries, showrooms and any area showcasing digital information from fragile material to 3D objects.

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