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DatacomIT is a 100% Australian owned company and is a recognised leader in digitisation of preservation material for cultural institutions. Utilising proven leading-edge technologies, we have a clear determination to deliver the most efficient and effective solution available.

The DatacomIT team has established long-standing credibility within the archives and digitisation industry, offering expertise and professionalism to our clients.


Through scanning and digitisation, you will be able to understand, interrogate, and use the data, extracting value from the information held.

Digitial Preservation

Keep content safely stored, make sure it can be found and trusted, and automatically update files to future-friendly formats.

Collection Management

Build your identity, enrich your collections, capture and manage new content, as well as discuss new ideas from anywhere in the world


By having a range of options, we can help customers find the right scanner to meet their specific needs and budget.

Securing the Past for the Future

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With scanning and digitisation facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

DatacomIT has the tools and resources available to provide the best scanning and digitisation solution.

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Records at the University of Melbourne Archives span more than 23 kms

DatacomIT would like to congratulate the team at University of Melbourne Archives for the fantastic work they have done on creating their online Archives - University of Melbourne Archives Recollect Site The University of Melbourne Archives (UMA) is one of Australia’s...

Supporting the next generation of Conservation Leaders

DatacomIT is furthering its commitment to conservation by providing financial support to students to attend this month's Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM) conference. Sponsorship covered travel, accommodation, conference admission...

The renowned JUKE Magazine is now accessible to music enthusiasts

Melbourne-based rock music magazine JUKE was founded in 1975 by rock journalist Ed Nimmervoll following the closure of the classic 1960s rock journal Go-Set in 1974. JUKE began at a time when Australian bands such as Skyhooks, Sherbet, and Little River Band were...

University of WA ‘Collected’ is home to a diverse range of significant collections

The University of Western Australia have just launched their new Recollect Archive UWA Collected, which DatacomIT are proud to have played a role in implementing. Drawing together three different collections into one repository was no mean feat. UWA have succeeded in...

Illuminating the Digital Dark Age

The Digital Dark Age is a term coined by Terry Kuny in 1997 as a warning about the potential loss of digital information and emphasises the importance of digital preservation efforts. To prevent or mitigate this scenario, organisations, institutions, and individuals...

WEBINAR – Digitise Once with DatacomIT, Preserve Forever with Preservica (World Digital Preservation Day)

WEBINAR INVITE Date: Thursday 2 November 2023 (World Digital Preservation Day)Time: 2pm - 3pm (AEDT)Location: 1 hour online webinar (webinar link will be sent after registration) World Digital Preservation Day is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of...

Refurbished STViewScan Microfilm Scanners on offer (from $3,590 ex gst)

Purchasing a refurbished STViewScan Microfilm scanner can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for individuals or institutions that need microfilm scanning capabilities. Refurbished scanners are thoroughly inspected, repaired, and tested to ensure...

Step back in time and unravel the fascinating history of Waverley

Step back in time and unravel the fascinating history of Waverley through their new Recollect site ‘Celebrating Waverley’. Delve into captivating stories and remarkable insights that honour the community’s past, celebrate the present and look forward to the future....

Digitisation and Digital Preservation is an investment in the intellectual wealth of future generations

Failing to digitise historical material could deprive future generations of valuable knowledge, insights, and cultural heritage. Digitisation plays a critical role in preserving and sharing the past with the generations to come. By digitising historical material, we...

Retaining Historical and Cultural Heritage through Photographic Digitisation

Many old photographs and negatives can degrade over time due to factors like exposure to light, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. Most traditional photographs, such as black-and-white prints and colour photographs, rely on light-sensitive chemicals to capture...

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