As we commemorate ANZAC Day, we reflect on the bravery, sacrifice, and resilience of our ANZAC heroes.

On April 25, 1919 this emotional image of the ANZAC Arch was captured and can be found on the State Library of South Australia Recollect site – A large crowd at the newly erected Anzac Arch near the Adelaide Railway Station on Anzac Day.

The Anzac Arch was built as a tribute to remember those who fought in World War I. The 1919 Arch was intended to be a temporary structure that would be taken down after all the returning soldiers had been greeted as they arrived home. The Arch stood until 1925 due to public affection before being dismantled to make space for renovations at the Adelaide Railway Station, and because it had become unsafe.

Over the years, DatacomIT has proudly digitised many ANZAC Day collections, including photos, letters, documents, and more. By preserving these artifacts in digital form, we ensure that the stories and sacrifices of our ANZAC heroes remain accessible to all.

Let us remember those who served and continue to serve our nation. Their courage and sacrifice will always be remembered.