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Create a magical visitor experience with the interactive MagicTouch

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A plug and play touch screen solution for museums, libraries, galleries, showrooms and any area showcasing digital information from fragile material to 3D objects. The touch screen impressively connects your exhibits with multimedia content, giving visitors the opportunity to virtually leaf through historical books and explore 3D models.

  • Book Presentations – Leafing through book and document pages
  • Audio/Video – Playback of films and sound recordings
  • Photos/Galleries – Display image galleries, photos and web content
  • 3D objects – Rotate and zoom 3D objects
  • Info Touchpoints – Display additional information via mouse over

Create a magical visitor experience with the interactive MagicTouch

With scanning and digitisation services in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

DatacomIT has the tools and resources available to provide the best microfiche scanning solution.


Through scanning and digitisation, you will be able to understand, interrogate, and use the data, extracting value from the information held.

Digitial Preservation

Keep content safely stored, make sure it can be found and trusted, and automatically update files to future-friendly formats.

Collection Management

Build your identity, enrich your collections, capture and manage new content, as well as discuss new ideas from anywhere in the world


By having a range of options, we can help customers find the right scanner to meet their specific needs and budget.

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