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Plan your Photographic Scanning with DatacomIT

Digitising your photographic collections is an important part of its preservation, conservation and accessibility.

Photographic scanning services include:
– Photograph Scanning
– Slide Scanning
– Negative Scanning
– Transparency Scanning


Photographic scanning

DatacomIT’s photograph digitisation provides an excellent means of preserving, archiving and accessing important historical events.

DatacomIT has undertaken and successfully completed thousands of photographic digitisation projects, consisting of fragile, faded and framed photographs of all shapes and sizes.

Our ability to provide a custom solution to our client’s large photographic scanning requirements is a testimony to our many years experience in this area.


Slide scanning and negative scanning
Are you looking to scan hundreds of slides, negatives and/or transparencies for historical archiving?

As slides, negatives and photographs are all subject to dust and colour change, providing a customised solution to restore and preserve the valuable material is of the highest importance.

DatacomIT has been providing large volume digitisation solutions for over 30 years, focusing on preservation, conservation and accessibility.

Key benefits;

– Greater security of preserved materials
– Digital images easily accessed from any location on various devices

Our skilled staff use the highest quality equipment to perform these different services and we guarantee superb results in short time frames.

Microform Digitisation

Convert your old microfilm, microfiche, and aperture card archives into a digitalised, practical, and document management retrieval solution.

Fragile Book Digitisation

Preserving fragile books implies that not only are we seeking to preserve the image via the process of scanning and digitisation, but also wish to keep the integrity of the source intact.

Archive Records Digitisation

Digitising archive records helps preserve them for future generations as digital files are less susceptible to damage or loss compared to physical archives.

Large Format Digitisation

Large format digitisation requires specialised equipment to capture high-quality digital images that are larger than standard sizes.

File Digitisation

Paper files take up a lot of physical space, which can make it difficult to keep them organised and can lead to clutter in the office.

Photographic Digitisation

Digitising your photographic collections is an important part of its preservation, conservation and accessibility.

3D Scanning & Digitisation

Historical objects, memorabilia and artefacts help tell a story.

The FADGI Star System

FADGI is a common set of digitisation parameters set by federal agencies for digitised and born digital historical, archival and cultural content.

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