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Microfiche Scanning Services

DatacomIT has developed world class solutions for the digitising, indexing and storage of microfiche media. Microfiche not only preserves but also releases the information it holds.

Through scanning and digitisation, your organisation will be able to understand, interrogate, and most importantly use the data, extracting value from the information held.

DatacomIT has experience and expertise in digitising and scanning microfiche, which ensures that the process is done correctly and efficiently.

DatacomIT offers microfiche scanning services with over 40 years experience.


Digitising microfiche can provide many of the same benefits as digitising microfilm, including:

  1. Improved accessibility: Digitised microfiche can be easily accessed and viewed on a computer, which makes it more convenient for researchers and users.
  2. Preservation: Digitizing microfiche can help preserve the original microfiche by reducing the need to handle the fragile physical microfiche.
  3. Improved image quality: Digital images can be enhanced and enlarged, which can make it easier to read small or faded text.
  4. Increased sharing and collaboration: Digital images can be easily shared and collaborated on with other researchers or institutions.
  5. Cost savings: Digitizing microfiche can save money in the long run by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain microfiche readers, as well as reducing the costs associated with preserving physical microfiche.
  6. Easy searching and indexing: Digitized microfiche can be easily searched and indexed, allowing users to quickly find and access specific documents, which can save time and resources.

Professional microfiche digitisation services are available at DatacomIT


DatacomIT invests time, capital and energy to make sure we meet at least 3 star FADGI requirement.

We employ experienced staff who undergo regular training and development, and security and police clearances.

DatacomIT utilises a range of professional imaging equipment and software that ensures optimum digitisation and process efficiencies, while keeping the integrity of the archival item intact.

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Microfiche Digitisation

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