DRS Microfiche Scanner

DRS_Microfiche_S_4f0b9d04ea19d_1334573670.jpg The DRS is a high volume automatic scanner, processing up to 200 fiche or film jackets per hour unattended up to 300 dpi from 15x to 48 zoom.

The 2300 x 3500 pixel CCD camera scans the whole image instead of being line scanned, making the scanning process efficient.

With documents automatically trimmed and rotated, operators can then save images in PDF-A, JPEG and TIFFs as well as customised formats such as MOD:CA.

Technical Specifications

Resolution Up to 300dpi (higher resolution is possible) 12bits grayscale images with high dynamic range resolution.
CCD Camera 2300 x 3500 pixels.
Fiche/Jacket types All fiche and jacket types incl. COM, AB-Dick, silver, diazo, positive, negative, duplex, cine-mode, comic-mode. Jackets 16mm and 35mm.
Reduction factor 15 times up to 48 times.
Fiche/Jacket formats 105mmx148mm and 103mmx152mm (metric, imperial), others on request.
Fiche/Jacket feeding Automatic, low touch, because nearly contactless template container contains up to 200 fiche, automatic turnover of the scanned fiche and jackets. Loading in original order.
Document recognition Precise automatic position recognition of documents on the fiche and jackets, also for difficult and low-contrast samples. Additional raster scan possible. Manual document recognition possible.
Quality Individual quality optimisation of every document by automatic contrastoptimisation.
Constant exposure by chip-on-board exposure technology. No motion during digitizing process.
Precise pixel positioning of the fiche/jackets by a high-class X-Y positioning table.
Image processing Automatic trimming and rotating of documents. Customised demand possible by open software design.
Output formats TIFF, JPEG, Multipage formats, customised image formats like MOD:CA possible.
Equipment/ System components Embedded Windows-based industrial computer incl. system-control.
100Mbits ethernet-interface for data transfer.
LCD-monitor for progress control, system control and features, keyboard and mouse,
Feeder with sample container and over-turning system optional.
Customisation Receiver device is designed to special fiche/jacket formats; overview recognition is designed to special samples. Customised indexing.

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