World Digital Preservation Day is close to our hearts at DatacomIT. It provides an opportunity to showcase how digital preservation enables ‘digits to flourish,’ and supports our motto ‘securing the past for the future’.

To celebrate World Digital Preservation Day, DatacomIT is proud to announce our new partnership with industry leaders in digital preservation, Preservica.

Preservica is a single, seamless application that brings together all the core elements of successful long-term digital preservation. The combination of durable storage, format updates and secure immediate access is a holistic approach we call active digital preservation.

DatacomIT’s partnership with Preservica will offer consultation and implementation of their three Cloud Editions, which are changing the way organisations around the world future-proof and access critical long-term digital information. They enable companies to drive innovation, confidently meet compliance and legal requirements and safeguard digital content of unique cultural and brand importance. We can also help you design digital preservation plans to curate and preserve your data into the future!

DatacomIT have a long-standing reputation for digitisation, preservation, and providing access to archived content through the award-winning Collection Management System, Recollect. As DatacomIT General Manager, Eamonn Donohoe notes in the exclusive one page feature,  ‘Access the untapped value of archives’ in the Australian Financial Review  (Wednesday October 26, 2022):

 “Organisations can make the mistake of believing that digitisation simply involves scanning documents, but much more is required to unlock the true value of that material. If you’re going to get the full benefit out of digitisation, records need a lot of preparation”. “Then there’s creation of metadata and other post-processing to ensure that material is accessible and discoverable”. “I believe there is huge potential value in improving awareness and brand trust through sharing a proud and rich history”.

Digitisation is only one component of digital preservation, active digital preservation is protecting the world’s digital memory for years to come, ensuring the accessibility and authenticity of digital information over successive technology cycles and custodians.

Get in touch to learn more about preserving your archived materials with Preservica or providing access to them in the state of art Collection Management System Recollect.

DatacomIT wish everyone a happy World Digital Preservation Day!