STViewScan III – The Complete Scanning Solution

2015 Platinum award winning product

2015 & 2016 Platinum Award Winning Microfilm Scanner with a 14 megapixel USB 3.0 camera is the most advanced microfilm scanning solution available today.

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“I simply want to find the information on the film and print it out so I can take it home”

“I want to find the information on a page and crop it. Then I want to save it to my Google Drive account or email it to myself”

“As a researcher I want to be able to view and scan film quickly and then have access to features such as annotation so I can add citations and notes to my findings”

ST Viewscan III Brochure

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The STViewScan III represents over 10 years of evolution in microfilm scanning technology. Equipped with a14 megapixel image sensor using a USB 3.0 connection the STViewScan III creates sharper images from your collection. The familiar ergonomic controls on the STViewScan III makes it easy and familiar to use, regardless of the user skill level. Users of the STViewScan III can navigate quickly to the image they want, capture it and share it with little effort.

“The high resolution camera will allow users to see more details in the film as well as digitally zoom in closer than ever before,” says Bruce Rennecker, Vice President of ST Imaging. “Our microfilm viewer/scanner has always been known as the easiest system to use and now our native quality is unmatched.”

The ST ViewScan III makes history come alive and turns your archives to more dynamic, accessible and user friendly resource the draws patrons to your library.

New Scanner Highlights!

More Ways to Share
ST Imaging has partnered with OCLC and FamilySearch to allow users to share their images directly from ST Premium Software! Users can also save and send images to email, Google Drive and Dropbox accounts.
14 Megapixel, USB 3.0 Colour Camera
The ST ViewScan III’s 14 megapixel image sensor creates clearer, high resolution images when viewing film or fiche. The camera scans up to 1200 dpi and is capable of 7x to 105x magnification.
LED Light
The ST ViewScan III utilises bright, energy efficient, pure white LED illumination light that is optimal for film scanning.
Crystal-Clear Glass Field
Only the ST ViewScan III has this proprietary technology that employs optically clear and smooth glass to ensure the original information is viewed and captured as accurately as possible.
Familiar Film Controls
Patrons will love the familiar and ergonomic controls on the ST ViewScan III which makes it easy to learn and use.
Convenient USB Port
Simply saving images with the easily accessible front side USB port while your PC is safely out of public reach.
Easy Film Loading
The guide rollers make getting started a snap! Simply attach the film, pass under the glass and you’re done.

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