SupraScan – Large Book Scanners

Scanners for scanning books and documents….

The QUARTZ range scanners compatible with the new ISO 19264-1 standard.

With its 17 years of experience, the SupraScan range has been progressively improved thanks to multiple innovations, improving technological performance and image quality over time.

The QUARTZ range features innovative features such as relief enhancement and glare control system. Thanks to an ingenious optics and lighting system, it becomes possible to visualise the artwork relief like paintings, drawings or any rare and fragile documents.


CopiBook Open System A2 – The fourth generation of CopiBook range has been designed to satisfy the most demanding end-users, especially in terms of image quality. the CopiBook Open System A1 comes with the E-XTRA camera…..More
The SupraScan Quartz A1 and Quartz A1 HD offer innovative features like the relief enhancement and glare control system. thanks to optical and lighting innovation, relief enhancement features enables perfect reproduction of works of art…..More
The SupraScan Quartz AO LED and AO LED HD embed a new 3D scanning technology feature, based on advanced Photometric Stereo algorithms and images analysis. This new scanning solution has been developed for libraries, archives, museums, fine art production and decor industry….More
  The SupraScan Quartz HD 2AO scans works of art and large and/or thick documents (with or without a frame) up to 2 x DN AO/E in colour or balck and white. With its moveable plate guaranteeing easy manipulation and correct positioning….More

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