4DigitalBooks – scanVpage

Semi Automatic V shape Book Scanner

The fastest book scanner on the market at 800 pages/hour, highest image resolution of 300, 400, 600, 800 dpi on pages bigger than A3 format.

4DigitalBooks – scanVpage Brochure

The V shape book holder is open at 120 degrees. Its vertical movement is motorised to accommodate any book up to 15cm (6in) thick and up to 20kg.

The V shape glass is motorized to move away from the book for manual page turning. It comes down on the book exactly at the same position to insure constant focal distance to the cameras.

Automatic thickness measure and compensation is made during book loading.  The glass can be set to press wavy paper with a limited force to insure page flattening.

Large Page Formats

  • Model PRO is up to A3++ page format (315 x 514 mm)
  • Model JUMBO is up to A2+ page format (440 x 640 mm)
  • Glass junction limited to 2mm, captures text close to the building

Old and Recent Books

  • V shape book holder and V shape glass are 120 degrees
  • No reflections on glossy documents, dark documents or photos
  • Suitable for old and sensitive books

Constant Image Quality

  • Two cameras offer high image quality up to 800 dpi optical
  • Pages presented under the glass, removes page curature
  • LED lights 6000K, no variation over time

Auto Glass + Book Holder

  • Glass moves automatically up and down
  • Adjustable pressure of V shape glass to flatten wavy documents
  • Book holder moves automatically up and down to fit book thickness

High Speed 2x

  • Max speed up to 1,500 pages per hour / 25 pages per minute
  • Average productivity 5,000 pages per working shift (300, 400 dpi)
  • One scanVpage is comparable to 2x manual scanners with 2x operators


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