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DatacomIT is proud to be awarded sole  Australian distribution rights for ICAM’s  Guardian  and  Vanguard  A0 and A1 Large Format book scanners.


These scanners are superbly suitable for scanning all documents from A3 size.

Our partnership with ICAM Archive Systems-UK for the distribution of this leading edge large format book scanning product, represents over 50 years of expertise and scanning experience in the industry. For the preservation of  fragile books,  documents and maps (paper based as well as non-paper based), The Guardian  and Vanguard large format book scanners provide the best solution of its kind on the market.

Why DatacomIT chose The Guardian and Vanguard above all other large format scanners?


Our experience in the field of large format book scanning and the  scanning of  precious documents led us to conduct an in-depth analysis of a wide range of scanning equipment currently available on the world market. What we concluded after months of comparison was that there was no better technology, matched with versatility, available than ICAM’s Guardian or Vanguard book scanners. The beauty of this solution is that they are easily upgradable, utilising a wide range of cameras, lenses, scanners and dual mount; dual digital or hybrid digital and microfilm configurations. The Guardian’s unique and sophisticated pneumatic book handling system ensures that delicate or bound volumes can be scanned efficiently without damage. The Guardian Large Format Scanner  can be purchased as a base unit, with the pneumatic system added at a later date if required.

Guardian Specifications

Dimensions A1 A0
Max Height 2400mm 2800mm
Width (Light Arms Lowered) 1760mm 1990mm
Width (Light Arms Raised) 1220mm 1350mm
Maximum Document Size 930 x 665mm 1200 x 850mm
Lighting Daylight balance HF Fluorescent
Depth 1350mm 1880mm
Weight 310Kg 360Kg
Electrical 220/240V 50Hz 5A OR 110V 60Hz 5/10A


Guardian Options
Automatic Air Shuttle
Dual Height (30X) copyboard
Hybrid-microfilm & digital head
Tandem-dual digital heads
Computer System & monitors
Multitude of camera and lenses

Both The Guardian and Vanguard scanners have been designed with technology that minimises page curvature, and once setup perform page cropping perfectly.

A leader in the field, DatacomIT purchased Australia’s first Guardian large format scanner, and utilised it to complete a highly demanding scanning project on behalf of the National Library Australia, scanning some 1 million pages most of which was 100 years old. This job was completed in an efficient and timely manner, producing stunning results, which in effect have preserved images for all perpetuity.

Guardian book scanner image

To efficiently scan your large format books,  documents  and maps these two products will surpass your expectations.

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