Icam Vanguard

Icam’s long experience of providing specialist book handling cameras, both microfilm and digital, installed throughout the world, has led to the development of the new VANGUARD camera base.

The brief for the VANGUARD was to
create a desk top unit with as many
features of the very successful Guardian camera but in a manual form. Although it is available in a motorised format, primarily it is a solid and simple desktop copy stand that will utilise any of our available camera head options.

Including Video and digital capture
systems with the maximum speed and
efficiency, while maintaining our high
standard of book handling for bound
volumes or flat documents.

When using the 16 mega pixel video
capture system, around 500-600
documents an hour can be captured
without any mechanical shutter
function, making it an ideal set up for a
production process where speed of
capture is paramount.

The top book glass can be moved away from the document to allow the capture of exceptionally delicate volumes without pressure, while adjustable LED daylight balanced and diffused constant lighting, at a relatively low level (especially the ‘one shot’ systems)
ensures comfort for the operator and safety for the document with no flickering or moving lights in the production environment.

Interchangeable lenses, ensure that a range of document sizes, even small negatives, are perfectly captured at the highest image quality.

Vanguard Brochure

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