CopiBook Open System Scanners

The fourth generation of CopiBook range has been designed to satisfy the most demanding end-users, especially in terms of image quality, productivity, robustness and user-friendliness.

The CopiBook Open System A1

Combines Efficiency and Productivity


The CopiBook Open System A2

The Scanner you Trust


The CopiBook Open System A3

Scanner for A3 Bound Documents


The CopiBook A1 – Efficiency and Productivity


Introducing the 4th Generation CopiBook – The CopiBook OS A1 is designed to meet the high demands of digitising projects without compromising image quality. As the most efficient A1 book scanner on the market, the CopiBook OS A1 provides maximum productivity needed to complete large projects with ease. Scanning large documents such as maps, newspapers and books make it easier with the A1 model, which includes an ample size scan area at 23.6 x 33.1 inches.

The book cradle feature makes the scanning task less challenging with its motorised glass plate and auto leveling system. The Windows-based LIMB Capture software technology is user-friendly with real-time colour preview, auto-focus, multilingual operator interface, embedded images processing features, and much more.

CopiBook OS A1 exclusively allows users to scan documents in colour at an amazingly fast rate with a scan time of less than 1 second at 300 dpi. The CopiBook OS A1 XD 400 dpi scans less than 4 seconds at 400 dpi. With an optical resolution of 300×300 (A1) and 400×400 (A1 XD), both models have a maximum resolution of up to 1000 dpi.

frontpage website brochureCopiBook Open System A1 Brochure


The CopiBook A2 – The Scanner you Trust


CopiBook A2 has been designed to satisfy the most demanding end-users, especially in terms of image quality. A fully configurable book scanner to cover all your needs. Compliant with ISO 19264-1, Metamorfoze light and FADGI s standards, the CopiBook OS comes with the E-XTRA camera, a new camera embedding the TrueColour technology: 600 dpi optical resolution and no Moire pattern.

On the A2 format market segment, the CopiBook OS remains the reference thanks to its high productivity, user-friendliness and robustness.

frontpage website brochureCopiBook Open System Brochure


The CopiBook A3 – Scanner for A3 Bound Documents


CopiBook A3 Open system – 600 dpi optical

Planetary scanner for A3 bound documents including;

  • 71 Mega pixel EHRIS camera limited to A3 format, 50mm NIKON lens
  • LED frontal lighting
  • USB stick workstation installer
  • USB footswitch

Additional options;

  • Monitor 23″, 16/9 Full HD – can be fixed on the scanner column with special brackets
  • Powerful Dell Workstation
  • Factory scanner calibration to comply with ISO 19264, METAMORFOZE & FADGI
  • Unlock LIMB CAPTURE full format
  • A3 format manual book cradle

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