eScan Open System

Build your own scanner to your Library’s specifications.


eScan open system

Self-Service: For digitising any books or documents and sharing information in a self-service environment.

Production: Combining high image quality and productivity for mass digitisation projects.

Office: To dematerialise and share all bound documents.


eScan configurator2



eScan Open System is a fully customisable scanning solution. It allows you to select components of the scanner to suit your work environment and cost.


eScan Open System components include;

Camera – 3 models

  1. E-MRIS camera: Standard resolution efficiency for standard work
  2. E-HRIS camera: High resolution efficiency for standard work
  3. EAGLE camera: High resolution efficiency for high quality digitisation needs


Software Interface

‘Production’ application: for digitization projects – LIMB Capture Production

  • multiple frames management
  • ICC colour management
  • thumbnails flow to delete/add/insert images
  • metadata tagging
  • multiple scan trigger
  • same interface for all i2S scanners

‘Self-Service’ application – LIMB Capture Self-service

  • multi-touch interface
  • automatic document detection & cropping
  • live saving
  • multiple outputs at the same time
  • multiple scan trigger



Book Holder

3 book holders for flat or bound documents

3 model book holders:

  1. motorised book cradle with glass
  2. manual book cradle
  3. flat support


  • Ergonomic
  • Design
  • Automatically flatten

book holder


  • LED lighting, cold light, lighting only during scan time
  • Front on position and lighting angle, no shadow or reflection (in case of curves or glossy paper)


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