4DigitalBooks – DL mini

Automatic and Manual Book Scanner in One

DL mini is the ultimate desktop solution for scanning documents

  • 100% of document types are managed (books, lose sheets, inserts, fold-outs, covers….)
  • 90% of library needs fit to DL mini page format (2 x A3)

4DigitalBooks – DL mini Brochure

Large Page Format A3

  • Up to A3 page format for books (2 x A3)
  • Up to A2 format scanning surface (for single pages)
  • Full visibility deep in the binding captures all text close to the binding

Rare and Recent Books

  • All types of books, magazines, bound newspapers, registers
  • Respects full safety of the book, the binding and the pages

Constant Image Quality

  • High image quality up to 600 dpi optical
  • Pages presented under the glass removes page curvature
  • LED lights 6000K, no variation over time

Reliable Page Turning

  • Most reliable page turning method – less operator interventions
  • Intelligent automatic retry solves difficulties without operator
  • 3 speed settings depending on fragility of document

High Speed 3x

  • Max speed up to 2,000 pages per hour / 33 pages per minute
  • Average productivity 10,000 pages per working shift (300, 400 dpi)
  • One DL mini is compaable to 3x manual scanners with 3x operators

Highest Automation

  • Automatic detection of double pages
  • Automatic retries of page pickup – insures only one page turn at a time
  • Automatic book cradle accepts any book thickness up to 10cm
  • Automatic book centering to the scanner, preserving relaxed back of the book
  • Automatic measure of book thickness and page size
  • Automatic follow-up of page border for best page pickup
  • Automatic book holding by distributed low pressure on plates
  • Automatic page pickup by distributed low pressure arm
  • Automatic page flattening under the glass can be with selected pressure or without pressure
  • Automatic RGB camera calibration with 24 patch target, for building ICC profile
  • Automatic light correction for regular intensity of light over the whole scanning surface
  • Automatic arm with variable geometry has 2 modes of page pickup
    • direct catch (faster for easy books)
    • flat catch (slower for difficult books)

Highest Book Safety

  • Checking for proper page pickup to avoid wrong manipulation of page
  • Checking for proper page release to avoid pulling on the page
  • Checking for page collision to avoid folding or crunching a page
  • Checking for end of book to stop the process
  • Checking for book exceptions to stop the process before the exception
  • Checking for closed operator door before starting an automatic process

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