Robotic Book Scanning

Quality results are the primary objective of any book digitisation project. Quality includes superior images, high accuracy OCR, comprehensive metadata and complete book integrity.

Microform Digitisation

DatacomIT provides the most cost-effective and efficient conversion service for the scanning and digitisation of microfilm, aperture cards and microfiche.

ST View Scan III

2015 Platinum Award Winning Microfilm Scanner with a 14 megapixel USB 3.0 camera is the most advanced microfilm scanning solution available today.
DatacomIT scan and digitise millions of books and documents for companies, agencies and organisations. Several have the aim to make these available online to the public. And for that we created doXsearch. doXsearch allows users to find and retrieve images globally by searching the system database via a web user interface.

DatacomIT’s doXweb solution utilises usernames and passwords via a secure HTTPS link for access to both search and retrieve images. Users without the required access are not able to access or view any images. Once a user has been authenticated, they are able to search for and retrieve images utilising either one or more of the images index data.

doXgate is DatacomIT’s latest Document Management Solution created to provide an efficient and secure method of managing high-volume electronic documentation. Suitable for web-enabled organisations operating a distributed workflow or branch network environment, doXgate will effectively streamline document access, retrieval and workflow processes.