MediaINFO – Our Digital Library

MediaINFO is a Digital Library System – a software solution for easy viewing, browsing, searching, cataloguing and sharing digitised material for libraries, archives, museums, universities, corporations and any organisation with large quantities of digitised images.


Giving life to digitised content

MediaINFO transforms content into highly searchable and usable information that is easy to share and annotate, while protecting the content with powerful DRM tools and access rules.

MediaINFO is the perfect system for the GLAM industry, because material can be showcased at high resolutions, while preserving the details that are of vital importance.

Our traditional customer base incorporates libraries, archives and companies. As MediaINFO evolves, the development of additional tools has made the digital library solution an attractive option to new industries and institutions.

Clients with technical drawings and scanned documents are finding the integration of existing document management systems with MediaINFO extremely beneficial and describe it as a giant leap forward for their day to day operations.

For an online demonstration of our digital library solution, please contact DatacomIT at or on 1300 887 507.






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