doXweb is an extremely intuitive system, and without exception, all current users have become proficient with its effective operation in under an hour.

In practice most users migrating from existing systems do not need training. Included in DatacomIT’s proposal is the undertaking to provide initial online training for all system users, in conjunction with both an online help module and fully downloadable user manual. doXweb is further supported via telephone for technical issues via our help desk during business hours.

DatacomIT’s doXweb solution utilises usernames and passwords via a secure HTTPS link for access to both search and retrieve images. Users without the required access are not able to access or view any images. Once a user has been authenticated, they are able to search for and retrieve images utilising either one or more of the images index data.

Upon searching, a user is first presented with list of database entries and their associated index data from which they are then able to review and select the appropriate image for viewing. All of current doXweb systems are deployed over HTTPS. Some clients require additional security and in those cases we provide additional security by limiting access to the website to a few IP addresses or a IP address range supplied by the client.

This is implemented on our firewall and on the front end web servers. Some clients requiring additional security access the system over private xDSL, DDS or Frame Relay links. Typically we recommend and use IPSEC tunnels over these private links or over the internet if required. In general we do not charge for the setup and configuration of these links.

doXweb features and capabilities

  • content repository and retrieval system.
  • has been designed specifically for the indexing and distribution of text and image databases.
  • utilises web based retrieval interface.
  • JAVA J2EE based application.
  • capable of storing an unlimited number of objects.
  • capable of virtually unlimited number of systems users.
  • fully customisable importation system with ability to utilise industry standard XML based architecture.
  • in use at ANZ and Qantas for the storage and retrieval or archival images.
  • highly configurable to suit customer needs. All code is the property of datacomIT.
  • utilises industry standard file formats
  • no additional licensing required
  • doXweb improvements are provided at no cost.

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