doXgate is DatacomIT’s Document Management Solution created to provide an efficient and secure method of managing high-volume electronic documentation for banks and large corporations.

Suitable for web-enabled organisations operating a distributed workflow or branch network environment, doXgate will effectively streamline document access, retrieval and workflow processes.

How? By utilising doXgate and your existing office hardware, e.g. fax, scanner or multi-function device, you have all the tools required for immediately creation of your electronic document management solution.

doXgate features

  • Economical – reduces costs by providing effective and timely document processing. Example: avoids delays commonly associated with manual document management solutions.
  • Allows document scan/capture via scanner or fax machine or scan to email.
  • Multi-level (multiple user) access control.
  • Suitable for single operator branches or large head office facilities.
  • Decentralised document management function, without loss of a managed central control.
  • Built in off-site back up and disaster recovery facility.
  • Secure login and encrypted images.
  • Additional workflow solutions able to be built into the system.
  • Simple ad-hoc reporting.
  • Timely structured management reporting.

Benefits of doXgate

In addition to traditional benefits of imaging or electronic document management the doXgate solution offers:

Low Start-up Costs:

  • No additional infrastructure required
  • Minimal training required
  • Reduction of double handling
  • Low bandwidth load
  • Avoids duplication

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