ViewONE Pro

Instant rollout Universal Viewing & Annotation for web-based RM & Compliance

Ideal for integration into any web-based Records Management and Enterprise Content Management system, ViewONE Pro now offers viewing and markup of over 300 file formats, through its new Universal Viewing Module.

To protect the integrity of your records for compliance, ViewONE Pro provides viewing – and crucially not editing – access to the wide range of documents stored in your repository. Even markups do not affect the original file for maximum protection.

Key features of ViewONE Pro:

  • ready-to-run and can be seamlessly integrated into any web-based system, including FileNet, Documentum, OpenText, EverSuite etc and web sites, intranets or extranets;
  • highly configurable to your precise needs thanks to over 500 in-built configuration parameters;
  • no user installation – easy server integration followed by automatic rollout and updates to users;
  • no user licensing – low-cost server-based licensing scheme;
  • support for 29 different languages with automatic sensing;
  • low pricing for fast ROI.

ViewONE Pro is the first java applet image viewer to be extendable on the fly with additional modules without user installation, offering support for additional file formats (PDF Module, Office Module, Universal Viewing Module), and for additional viewer functionality (Annotations Module, Permanent Redaction Server Module, Document Streaming Server Module and the Print Accelerator Module).

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