Large Format Book Digitisation

A committed leader in its field, DatacomIT has recently  procured  Australia’s first A0 size book scanner, ‘The Guardian’ from England’s ICAM Archive Systems.


Why did DatacomIT choose this above all other large format scanners? Simple: it’s the best on the market.

The Guardian is a versatile large format book scanning centre that effectively performs high resolution scanning on a range of large format items, paper-based as well as non-paper-based.

Guardian book scanner imageThis imposing scanner stands 2800 mm high, and is equipped with a patented pneumatic pressure book- handling system which enables the efficient and delicate processing of fragile and brittle books, bound volumes, maps and plans.

Due to its modular design, ‘The Guardian’ can utilise different book- cradling positions, flat, 90 ° and 120°; the latter two ensure that precious book spines and bindings are protected and undamaged during the scanning process.

It also facilitates high resolution scanning from a number of photographic camera options.

You can choose between several Canon and Phase One camera options, ranging from 20 to 60 Megapixel resolutions, to meet all your project requirements.

If you are seeking the highest quality of preservation, look no further than ‘The Guardian’.

Contact DatacomIT for a no obligation cost and sample conversion.

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