Book Digitisation

Do you require high quality digital imaging and scanning services for books, large format books, magazines, journals, newspapers, maps or documents?

DatacomIT is a specialist in digitisation services, with the provision of bound book scanning solutions being one of our major areas of expertise.

DatacomIT offer a comprehensive service. Our service converts all material to several digital searchable formats.

Our ability to provide a custom solution to our client’s book scanning requirements is a testimony to our many years experience in this area.

We work closely with our clients to understand their operational parameters, essentially what we have to work with. In some cases we are driven by a time based deliverable, in others it may be budgetary constraints, in some cases we are called upon to digitise delicate, historic and precious book materials and consequently we provide effective solutions for each and combinations of these requirements.

DatacomIT embarks on all book scanning projects with the objective of achieving uncompromised quality, adhering to operational parameters and ensuring deadlines are met.

Our book scanning solutions can be broken up into:

    • Large format book scanning
    • High speed book scanning
    • Preservation book scanning

Our book scanning solutions cater for medium to large book inventories with throughput capacities ranging from 700 pages to around 2,700 pages per hour and more if required.

Incorporated in our book scanning solution is the ability to automatically crop pages, index and provide a completely searchable PDF, XML, word file, or virtually any other format required.

DatacomIT and book scanning, a perfect match.

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