3D Scanning & Digitisation – Artefacts Help Tell A Story

Historical objects, memorabilia and artefacts help tell a story.

The storytelling power has nothing to do with the value, age or beauty of the object. Instead it’s about making a connection with the story by displaying an object that has crossed time to appear today.

Exposure to an artefact brings the visitor closer to the past in a way that words can’t always express, whether it’s a simple stone tool or large cooking bowl. By knowing the historical context and the story, exposure to the artefact can make a story transcend time.

Why Preserve Historical Artefacts

It’s essential to preserve artefacts from historical events so we remember, learn about, experience and honour those who were involved. Artefacts offer us a window to the past and their preservation is vital to continue the historical learning for future generations.

3D scanning to Help Preserve History

3D scanning is the process of taking a real-life object and capturing it into a digital form.

A 3D scan acts as a surrogate for the original object;

  • It’s a globally accessible resource for research
  • The original is protected from repeated handling
  • The 3D scan contains verified information about the physical object
  • Can be used to print a 3D facsimile

Recollect – Comprehensive Preservation of Your Digital Assets

Recollect provides comprehensive preservation of your digital assets and collections. It allows you to protect and preserve your digital assets online for future generations, communities and stakeholders.

Digital records are saved onto the Cloud which means they are secure and will never be lost. Creating an online platform for your collections guarantees that important metadata, knowledge and relationships are visible to the public, while ultimately providing a form of digital preservation to secure accessibility far into the future.

To safe-guard your collection, the Digital Preservation module performs frequent assessments of Archival Master files to check that they have not corrupted (have fixity) and if needed it can ‘self-heal’ the file from an original backup.

The Digital Preservation module ensures digital assets are carefully archived, monitored and migrated when necessary – while access files are simultaneously made available to the intended audience in current and future formats.

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