The MagicBox – It’s a Kind of Magic

Introducing a new era for Museums, Libraries and Archives with the ability to give access to valuable yet fragile material without a single touch – The MagicBox


frontpage website brochureThe Magic Box Brochure

The MagicBox is a revolutionary blend of display and fascinating hands on experience. It is set to introduce a new era of how Museums, Libraries and Archives will be able to give access to their valuable yet fragile material.

The MagicBox technology is installed in an illuminated display cabinet. It produces a transparent and touch sensitive layer of digital content that visitors can browse while at the same time having full sight of the original item behind glass. Rare publications, up to now limited to a look only display spread, will be fully tangible at the fingertips of the audience, who can virtually leaf through the superimposed pages.

The MagicBox app that operates the digital content not only lets you display and browse digitised print, but also image galleries, 3D views and movies. Display cabinets will become animated windows to a world of wonders, enriching the exhibition not only with more information, but by making it a truly memorable visiting experience.

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