Suprascan Quartz AO – AO HD

The performance of image quality…..

15 years of innovation to reach the highest level in terms of image quality

The SupraScan Quartz AO LED and Quartz AO LED offer innovative features like the relief enhancement and glare control system.  Thanks to optical and lighting innovation, relief enhancement features enables perfect reproduction of works of art such as paintings, drawings and antique works of art; glare control feature enables scanning any glossy documents even blister poched document.

The SupraScan Quartz AO LED and AO LED HD embed a new 3D scanning technology feature, based on advanced Photometric Stereo algorithms and images analysis. this new scanning solution has been developed for libraries, archives, museums, fine art production and decor industry.


Image Quality

  • Up to 1000 dpi optical on smaller formats
  • No mechanical camera shutter
  • Camera remains perpendicular to the document center; no distractions
  • More than 7 lp/mm at 400 x 400 dpi optical
  • More than 9 lp/mm at 600 x 600 dpi optical
  • More than 18 lp/mm at 1000 x 1000 dpi optical

LED Lighting

  • Lighting adjustment to enhance relief on documents or objects
  • Glare free system even on highly reflective documents

Book Cradle

  • Optional model of book cradle : 40
  • Pressure sensors
  • Scan launch when glass is down
  • Automatic opening when scan is done
  • Can operate without glass plate


  • Scan time < 9 sec (standard model) < 34 sec (HD model)

Large format

  • up to 1300 x 900 mm – Quartz AO LED
  • up to 1300 x 908mm – Quartz AO LED HD


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