Digital Preservation of The Royal Exhibition Building Site in Melbourne

Our friends from Iron Mountain have teamed up with CyArk to digitally preserve The Royal Exhibition Building Site in Melbourne and we were honoured and thrilled to be part of the launch.

As we continue to lose our heritage buildings with mounting pressures from climate change, urban development and natural disasters, this project being the first in Australia will ensure that this important historical landmark will live on digitally for generations to come. This is especially critical for The Royal Exhibition Building as it is about to undergo a major project to restore parts of its 30m high dome.

CyArk use a state of the art reality capture technology to create a holistic and accurate 3D surface model of the site, laser scanning as well as high resolution imagery from the ground and from drones that is processed and combined into one model. Once completed, all copies of the scans will be preserved on data backup tapes and stored in Iron Mountain’s highly secure underground storage location in Pennsylvania.

Technological advancements in the digitisation space is of the highest importance to DatacomIT and we thrive to seek new advances in digitisation technology from all over the world.

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