Ready to Ship a Large Number of STViewScan 4 Microfilm Scanners throughout Australia

The new STViewScan 4 microfilm scanners have arrived at DatacomIT and are ready to be shipped out for installation all around Australia.

This improved innovation has a powerful new tool which streamlines the browsing, viewing, scanning and saving of information.  Microfilm researchers can quickly and clearly read information with the all new ST PerfectFocus precision motor zoom. The motor zoom focuses the lens simultaneously, ensuring a consistently clear view whether scrolling or zooming. From 35mm film to the smallest image found on microfiche sheet, users can anticipate sharp and easy to read images which are properly oriented, focused and vibrant every time.

The team at DatacomIT have been extremely busy travelling around Australia installing the STViewScan 4 in the following locations;

  • 6 units in QLD
  • 4 units in WA
  • 2 units in New Zealand
  • 1 unit in SA
  • 2 units in TAS
  • 3 units in VIC
  • 2 units in NSW

Our customers around Australia and overseas are thrilled to be receiving their new STViewScan 4 microfilm scanner.  With the new ST PerfectFocus software, images have never been clearer.

For the clearest view of the past, please contact DatacomIT on 1300 887 507 or to learn more about this ground breaking fifth generation microfilm scanner.


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