Design the right Document Workflow Solution for your Business!


Increase Productivity, Improve Customer Service and Achieve Compliance.

Many businesses and Financial institutions struggle with accessing and viewing client and in-house documentation in real time.  Typically important documents are housed in various locations or tertiary storage, their access and retrieval often a protracted procedure reliant on manual handling and even transportation costs.

The answer to this dilemma is a simple solution provided by DatacomIT.  For over 15 years DatacomIT have provided tailor-made document management solutions with capabilities to accelerate the process of accessing information. Both small and large businesses, regardless of their existing facilities and equipment, can achieve improved output and customer service utilising a document management solution.

The solution offered by DatacomIT is doXgate, a web-based document management and retrieval tool. doXgate is capable of capturing various types of documentation and once stored, provide ready access for viewing, duplication and distribution.  Along with the benefit that documentation is now managed and held within a secure storage system.

So, whether it’s increasing productivity, transforming hard copy and electronic documents or improving records and document workflows – DatacomIT has the solution. For more information on doxgate and it’s capabilities, please call DatacomIT on 1300 887 507.



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