DatacomIT would like to congratulate the team at University of Melbourne Archives for the fantastic work they have done on creating their online Archives – University of Melbourne Archives Recollect Site

The University of Melbourne Archives (UMA) is one of Australia’s largest research archives, with a collection of over 23kms of records. The University has been collecting the records of Victoria’s history since 1960, with a focus on university, business, labour, political, community and cultural activities.

Whether it is the Germaine Greer Archive, The Malcom Fraser Collection, or Percy Grainger that is of interest, University of Melbourne Archives is a trove of interesting content!

It was a pleasure to work with them to create such a significant research repository with Recollect.

Recollect provides a comprehensive solution for the University of Melbourne to effectively organise, preserve and provide access to their archival collections. It enhances efficiency, collaboration, and the overall management of cultural heritage materials.