The DatacomIT Canberra digitisation facility has operated successfully for over 4 months (Canberra – 2 Townsville Street, FYSHWICK). We are thrilled to reveal that our Canberra team, advanced digitisation equipment and processes are in place and working well, with many local cultural institutions selecting DatacomIT to undertake their projects at our Canberra facility.

Due to our remarkable growth over recent years, we have also expanded our Melbourne and Sydney facilities.

Canberra current projects include;

  • Nitrate negatives digitisation
  • Photographic digitisation
  • File digitisation
  • Bound items and manuscript digitisation

DatacomIT invests time, capital and energy to make sure we meet at least 3 star FADGI requirement. We employ experienced staff who undergo regular training and development, and security and police clearances. DatacomIT utilises a range of professional imaging equipment and software that ensures optimum digitisation and process efficiencies, while keeping the integrity of the archival item intact.

DatacomIT Canberra – 2 Townsville Street, FYSHWICK