DatacomIT scan and digitise millions of books and documents for companies, agencies and organisations. Several have the aim to make these available online to the public. And for that we created doXsearch.

doXsearch allows users to find and retrieve images globally by searching the system database via a web user interface. The user can also acquire high resolution images via Pay Per Download service or purchase an annual license with capped downloads.

The site is extremely intuitive and easy to use for users.

doXsearch supports four types of users:

  1. Public User
  2. Registered User
  3. Licensed User
  4. Administrator User
  1. A Public User can preview a watermarked low res PDF of the image.
  2. A Registered User has a user profile which can be edited by the user. They can purchase images using Pay Per Download.
  3. A Licensed User has a user profile they can edit and access permission to download high res images at a capped number per day.
  4. An Administrator User has a registered user account and full access permissions of doXsearch. They can add, edit and delete user accounts. They can enable and disable user accounts. An administrator can set the maximum download limits for each licensed user and can add, replace and delete advertising banners.

doXsearch records all user level activities (except public users) which can be exported in CSV/Excel format.

The fields include:

• Email Address (The person who initiates the event)
• Timestamp (The date/time of the event)
• Event Type (type, e.g. login, logout, search, download, purchase)
• Description (value, e.g. search field, doc number)

doXsearch provides spaces for banner advertising that can be configured by Administrator users via a web interface.

The system has a shopping cart to make purchases online and supports the CommWeb payment gateway for all e-commerce transactions.

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