After Exploring 50 Collection Management and Engagement Platforms, Recollect was Chosen

Ipswich Council Libraries has explored over 50 collection management systems to expand opportunities for user interaction across their digital heritage collections, in particular, their Picture Ipswich archive.

The Picture Ipswich collection has over 15,000 images, videos, documents, and books with new content constantly being added. The system they implemented was not compatible with the change in direction they wanted to make. They wanted to better enrich the experience of the Ipswich community as they explore the city’s history, improve the accessibility and enhance the visual layout of the collection.

Recollect was the chosen collection management and engagement platform for its ability to tell a story and enrich the experience of the Ipswich community by the engagement and advanced collection management features. One of the main features that stood out to Ipswich Libraries was maps, the ability to enlarge and move around the map to access images opened up a new way to learn and share.

We were very fortunate to have Melanie Rush, Library Digital Archivist at Ipswich Council Libraries present at our latest Recollect webinar for libraries session. She discussed the reasons why Recollect was the preferred platform and how she developed Educational Resources for their community as part of their Recollect site.

To get a true appreciation for the Recollect features and the Picture Ipswich transformation, we’d suggest taking a moment to view the recorded webinar session found below.

Picture Ipswich Recollect site

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