Imaging Software

Digitising and converting books, newspapers, journals and ephemera in professionally structured and searchable digital copies is a challenging matter. There are various individual conversion steps that need to be processed to get good results; the implementation and adjustment of the scanned images, the analysis of zones and structure, OCR, and the final integration of the meta data in exported files. If you have to go through so many different steps of processing, often done by more than one software, there is a good chance that things might not run smoothly.


docWorks is the first software that covers the whole conversion process – from the import of the scanned images to the export of meta data enriched files. Al in one software, all from one source. This way they don’t have to deal with frustrating incompatibilities of modules. No workflow steps is outsourced – it is all in your hands and under control.


newsWorks is a software program used to create professional digital press and media reviews.

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