CopiBook Onyx RGB

The CopiBook™ Onyx RGB is the best scanner to digitise with superior image quality and high productivity A2 format documents.

The new CopiBook™ generation, called “Onyx” has been optimised and come today with a new camera, a new design and exclusive features. This is why, today, the CopiBook™ Onyx RGB is the best reference of stand-alone scanning station for bound documents up to DIN A2 format.

The new camera

  • New CCD camera: from 200 to 600 dpi on A2.
  • Scan time for A2 format at 400 x 400 dpi optical: 3,4 s in color and 1,4 s in grayscale.
  • No mechanical shutter: long-life cycle camera.
  • No Bayer filter: full sensor resolution for R, G & B channels.
  • Real-time preview.
  • Fully automatic focus and calibration.
  • Auto-exposure.
  • Same speed whatever the document format.

Optional non-dazzling lighting kit

These thirty years of experience in capture and image processing allow i2S DigiBook to offer the only high-quality scanner able to digitise in ambient light. This exclusive capacity on the market has a direct impact on projects’ ROI. However, if your  scanning conditions require additional light, CosiLamp™ a professional lighting can easily be added in option.

i2s CopiBook Brochure

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