CopiBook Onyx BW

The CopiBook™ Onyx BW is the best scanner to digitise in grayscale with superior image quality and high productivity A2 format documents.

The new CopiBook™ generation, called “Onyx” has been optimised and come today with a new camera, a new design and exclusive features. This is why, today, the CopiBook™ Onyx BW is the best reference of grayscale scanning station for bound documents up to DIN A2 format.

What are the strengths of CopiBook™ Onyx BW?


1,4 s in grayscale (400 x 400 dpi optical A2).


Fully optimised user’s operations and manipulations


ΔE < 5 5 cm depth of field at 400 & 600 dpi!


Amazing image quality … with no additional lighting!


Fully automatic calibration and intuitive interface


Enter a new uncluttered and sleek design

The CopiBook™ Onyx BW benefits at glance:

The CopiBook™ Onyx BW has been developed to achieve the highest level of benefits. Those benefits are focused on:

The CopiBook™ Onyx BW has been developed to be a perfect production scanner with no compromise on image quality. This is why the CopiBook™ Onyx BW offers a fast ROI (Return On Investments) for mass digitisation projects. All technologies, components and ergonomics aspects have been optimised to reach a superior image quality with a high productivity.

As part of i2S Group internationally well-known in industrial vision, i2s DigiBook has a high level of knowledge in image technologies mastering perfectly sensor, optics, electronics, lighting and image processing technologies. This is why, the CopiBook™ Onyx BW reach a high level of image quality in terms of resolution efficiency, grayscale rendering and noise even in ambient light environments.

All aspects have been studied to maximise operators’ productivity and comfort. This why the shortcuts keyboard, the scan process, the additional lighting configuration, the automatic functions and the easy to use software interface offer the best conditions making the CopiBook™ Onyx BW an easy and powerful scanner for day after day production.


With a chain of design, conception and manufacture driven by high quality guidelines, all CopiBook™ Onyx BW are particularly robust and reliable. Even the camera has no mechanical shutter for a longer life cycle. This is why, since 2005 more than 1.000 CopiBook™ are operating successfully for nearly 800 customers worldwide as libraries, archives, universities, town halls as well as service providers. Some of them are working in two shifts of 8 hours without any trouble. The i2S group quality management is certified by the international standard NF EN ISO 9001.

The conception of the CopiBook™ Onyx BW has taken into account the use of very fragile documents. This is why the three sides scanning plate access, the motorised book cradle, the additional lighting technology are optimised to respect and minimise the contact with the documents.

i2s CopiBook Brochure

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