CopiBook Cobalt HD

Digitisation made more comfortable and productive with CopiBook™ Cobalt HD

CopiBook™ Cobalt HD is the new generation of COPIBOOK range developed by i2s. This new generation maintains its unique features and has been reinforced with innovations: using the application of your choice, new LED lighting, more ergonomics etc…

CopiBook™ Cobalt HD is an ideal scanner for digitising bound documents for formats up to DIN A2/C in high resolution (600 x 600 optical dpi). It is the best scanning solution offering highimage quality and productivity. Dedicated to any kind of digitisation projects, CopiBook™ Cobalt HD is a production scanner that provides the best return on investment.

LED Lighting

  • LED lighting bar
  • No UV, no IR
  •  Long life lighting
  • No shadow nor reflection on the document
  • Controlled by CopiBook software

Android Tablet

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
  • 7’’ LCD screen
  • CopiTouch™ application embedded
  • Open for other applications


  • CCD camera with matrice sensor
  • From 200 to 600 dpi on A2
  • CopiBook™ Cobalt HD:
    • Optical resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
    • Scan time for A2 format at 600 dpi: 7,7 s in color and 5,5 s in greyscale
  • No mechanical shutter: long-life cycle camera.
  • No Bayer filter: full sensor resolution for R, G & B channels.
  • Real-time preview.
  • Fully automatic focus and calibration.
  • Auto-exposure.
  • Same speed whatever the document format.

Book cradle

  • The book cradle covers document formats up to 420 x 640 mm (16.5 x 25.2”).
  • The maximum thickness is 10 cm for a maximum of 10 kg (3.9” / 22 lbs).
  • Motorised up and down motion.
  • Self-opening embedded glass with very safe pressure adjustment.
  • Automatic capture when pulling down the glass.
  • 90° glass parking position when scanning without glass.


  • Multi-automatic and intuitive capture modes (glass, foot switch, flip page detection).
  • Book cradle with easy access from three sides.
  • Sitting or standing operating mode.
  • No aggressive light (LED lighting)
  • A 16:9 23” HD screen for a real time optimised image quality control (optional).

 CopiBook™ Assitant

CopiBook™ Assistant is a software extension that comes with CopiBook™ scanner and should be installed on a third computer. CopiBook™ Assistant is an administration software offering locally or remotely three major functions:

  • Control and manage the configurations of one or more CopiBook™ scanners,
  • Update the firmware, the software or the language catalogue,
  • Control the CopiBook™ scanners for diagnosis and assistance when troubleshooting

i2s CopiBook Brochure

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