Preservation Imaging Australian Roadshow

During July the team at DatacomIT have successfully completed the Preservation Imaging – docWorks Australian Roadshow in Melbourne, Brisbane  Canberra and Sydney, with many Libraries, Institutions and Government organisations in attendance.

We are pleased and fortunate to have Claus Gravenhorst expert guest speaker all the way from Germany to be part of our Roadshow, his knowledge and experience with OCR and zoning technology is impeccable.

Claus gave a comprehensive presentation on docWorks the latest OCR and zoning technology utilised by the most renowned libraries in Australia (National Library of Australia) and worldwide (National Library of USA, National Library Finland, British Library, Harvard University and University of California), publishing houses and companies worldwide to digitise and convert their valuable library holdings and archives for easy access, search-ability and long term preservation.

During our Roadshow we also showcased the amazing MagicBox, a real wow factor. The MagicBox is a “magical” exhibition case that lets you superimpose digital content on the glass while keeping the object on display visible at all times.  It comes with a custom Content Management System (docWorks) that lets you easily adapt the displayed content (books, newspapers, photos, videos) to your liking.

Please feel free to contact Richard Wilson on 03 9522 2015 or for more information and a copy of Claus Gravenhorst’s present.

 doWorks and MagicBox news around the globe

european commission1. Europeana Newspapers Project rated as “Excellent”

The Europeana Newspapers Project and its results were rated as “Excellent” by the European Commission. The reviewers were particularly impressed with the sheer scale of the refinement work and the metadata structuring was regarding as “major advanced in the state-of-the-art”


magicbox_globe2. MagicBox on the road

Thanks to all the visitors and bright-eyed faces at our trade show booth in Nuremberg, Oakland, London and San Francisco. It is always exciting to talk in person with librarians and digitisation experts about docWorks and see the look on their faces when they first encounter the MagicBox. Simon Tanner from King’s College in London was amazed and immediately posted his impressions on his blog:

“Saw this new product (MagicBox with docWorks software) and thought I’d share – it is a wonderful exhibition technology that keeps the physical object in the exhibition space but allows an amazing experience through a transparent and touch sensitive layer of digital content.  I think this product has a rather wonderful interaction between the physical and the digital. For those of us who worry that books and objects may stop being seen in real life but always mediated by technology this product does a great job of bringing the two together so the best of both worlds is possible”

3. MagicBoxes arrive in Down Under and Vietnam





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