Thank you for visiting DatacomIT & Recollect at ‘Designing the Archive’ conference in Adelaide

Thank you to all who visited us at the ‘Designing the Archive’ conference last week. Richard Wilson, Eamonn Donohoe, Mark Anzellotti and Gavin Mitchell had an amazing week exhibiting and showcasing the ‘CopiBook A2’ book scanner and Recollect to many passionate archivists looking to deliver benefits to their citizens, customers, stakeholders and communities through enhanced technologies.

We hope you had an opportunity to view our fourth generation ‘CopiBook A2’ book scanner at the conference, it certainly was a wow factor – designed to meet the high demands of digitising projects without comprising image quality. The book cradle feature makes the scanning less challenging with its motorised glass plate and auto levelling system.

Recollect is a leading platform in online community engagement and collection management designed in New Zealand. We’re proud to be the partner for Australia, offering Australian organisations an opportunity to access a superior product to enrich how they manage their collections once digitised and present them to their communities.

Please feel free to call us on 1300 887 507 for more information on the ‘CopiBook‘, Recollect, digitisation, digital preservation and equipment.


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