Sydney University on-site digitisation is underway


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DatacomIT are thrilled to be offering on-site digitisation for the scanning of Honi Soit – a Sydney University student newspaper first published in 1929. Due to the highly valuable and fragile nature of the early bounds volumes, DatacomIT were requested to set up our digitisation equipment in a secure space on-site within the University Library to minimise the handling of the material.

Last week our technicians set up our digitisation equipment and special digitisation environment at the University. We are utilising specialised book scanning equipment and processes to ensure the integrity of the bound material.

This week Sydney University Library management and rare book staff signed off on our ‘proof of concept sample output and book handling process’ allowing full production to commence. We have one permanent digitisation specialist on-site, performing the image capture, and a second on standby if required.

The project is creating quite a ‘buzz’ at Sydney University and everyone is looking forward to the discovery benefits this project will provide. DatacomIT have arranged ‘time lapse’ photography of the capture phrase so as we can share the experience with all interested parties.




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