One Passionate and Dedicated Geelong Football Fan

The Geelong Football Club has played an important role in Graham Evans life and as the club evolved and matured so did Graham’s scrapbook collection.

This passionate Geelong football fan had been collecting, cutting and pasting newspaper clippings from a variety of different publications from 1998 – 2017, primarily from the Herald Sun, Age, Geelong Advertiser, Australian, Inside Football and the AFL Record.

Recognising the value of this collected material and knowing it was the only copy in existence, Graham approached DatacomIT to assist in the digitisation process. DatacomIT digitised 79 bound volumes which consisted of over 27,000 pages.

The digitised copy of the scrapbooks are now available on the Geelong Football Club website. We are pleased to announce the digital version of the scrapbooks has Optical Character Recognition (OCR), therefore all content is searchable, allowing for quick name or subject access.

The scale and ready availability of the scrapbooks for researchers and supporters is understood to be a first for an AFL club.

Graham Evans and the Geelong Football Club are pleased with the result and love sharing the Geelong Football Club’s journey with their passionate supporters.

*Digital History Scrapbooks, Geelong Football Club (Online Video) August 29, 2018 8:00pm – 

Below is a flip book of Graham Evans Geelong Football Club scrapbook year 2000. For the full collection, head to Geelong Football Club website

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