New Trove – 4 years in the making….

With 6 billion records of Australian history, 11 million newspaper pages, 1 million journals, 231 million digitised articles or voices capturing the heritage of Australians, 7.9 million tags, 92,563 lists and 274,608 comments. Trove is an invaluable Australian online library that connects communities with the stories and voices collected by libraries, universities, museums, galleries and archives. With just one click users can access a wealth of information – it’s free and available online all day, every day.

DatacomIT is delighted to have worked with and continue to work with the National Library of Australia (the creators of Trove) on digitising thousands of material items now loaded to Trove. We’ve scanned many millions of newspaper pages across hundreds of publications including some of the earliest Australian publications and the iconic Australian Women’s Weekly.

Trove has transformed to deliver a new dynamic site, rich with collections features, embedded contextual information and articles showcasing Australia’s collections. Trove has grown far beyond its original purpose giving many people a sense of community.

To access Trove click –


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