Message from our new appointed General Manager

The DatacomIT team are excited to announce the relocation of our Head Office and Melbourne Production Centre to a new location in the heart of the St Kilda Road precinct. Our new premises are located at 1 Albert Road on the corner of Albert and St Kilda Road, Melbourne.

Our specialised Digitisation Division will continue to provide quality imaging of historical materials and high value items by keeping abreast of new and leading technology solutions. Keep an eye out for future announcements regarding digitising photographic collections, 3D artefacts and even art works.

We are also in the process of re-engineering and expanding our digital repository, hosting and processing solutions into a suite of digital preservation tools. This exciting new development from our Digital Preservation Division will ensure digitised content and born digital content remains accessible for a potentially unlimited lifespan.

After eighteen very successful years with DatacomIT, I am settling into my new role as General Manager. I’m proud of the positive relationships and friendships I’ve formed with staff, clients and suppliers within the industry. It is these relationships I believe that have allowed me to be proactive in sourcing the right strategies and solutions to meet the individual needs to our clients.

Operations at our new location will see us continue to supply our many Australian and International clients with best practise solutions and quality services, keeping pace with the rapidly changing digital environment.

Along with our team, I thank you for continuing to look to DatacomIT for the expertise, competency and ongoing vision to provide best methodologies and solutions to meet your organisation’s needs today and into the future.

Best Regards,

Eamonn Donohoe


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