DatacomIT digitised a confronting, however, amazing collection of paintings









DatacomIT recently digitised a confronting, however, amazing collection of watercolour paintings by artist and writer Daryl Lindsay for the Australasian College of Surgeons as well as a collection of medals that were awarded to various individuals by the college.

In 1918, Daryl Lindsay was posted to Queens Hospital in Sidcup, Kent, England, where he painted patient’s horrific facial injuries and the ground breaking reconstructive surgery being performed there.  His diagrams, and those of other medical artists, were used to train surgeons worldwide.

For this project we produced a high resolution digital copy of each painting and medal for archival and reproduction purposes as well as a secondary smaller resolution JPEG image with a watermark for security purposes.

The digitised collection provides medical staff and others interested in the history of surgery a window into how medical science and innovation responded to war as well as an insight into the surgeons, the patients and the ideas that make up this extraordinary story.





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