State of Victoria has once again chosen DatacomIT!










DatacomIT are delighted to announce after recently completing a project to digitise a collection of records from microfiche, we were once again chosen by the State of Victoria to undertake the digitisation of numerous geological records from both large format maps (some up to 5 metres long) as well as historical bound documents and records.

All material was digitised and quality assured in accordance with the image capture standard published by the National Library of Australia

As part of the imaging services, DatacomIT also undertook extensive data capture from the records to capture relevant information for the purpose of indexing and file naming, with the images ultimately being optically character recognised (OCR) to also facilitate full text searching within the archive.

With this project now complete, the State of Victoria have ensured the long term preservation of these valuable records whilst also facilitating a more efficient process for accessing and sharing these amazing maps, documents and records.

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