Bringing Joy to the Western Bulldogs Community

The Western Bulldogs stormed from the seventh spot on the ladder to win the 2016 Premiership cup after 62 years. So many great moments, so many great performances.

The Club’s great moments and performances date back to the 1800s, comprising of historical timelines, club awards, honour rolls, game records, premiership cups, hall of fame, past player groups and many more exciting and interesting artefacts.

As a result, in March 2013, the club officially opened the Bulldogs Museum, located in the heart of Whitten Oval. This amazing and fascinating space consists of a rare and unique collection of the Western Bulldog’s most prized memorabilia showcasing the Club’s history from inception in the 1880’s to modern day.

Bringing Joy to the Bulldogs Community

DatacomIT are thrilled to bring additional joy to the Bulldogs community by featuring our MagicBox in the centre of the Museum for all to touch and experience. The MagicBox features the success of the club, displaying items of historical value and at the same time giving you access to historical videos, publications and records. The MagicBox is the perfect addition to the Museum, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the Bulldogs history in the 21st century.

The Museum is accessible to the whole community during business hours, so be sure to visit the Museum at 417 Barkly St, Footscray.

MagicBox – It’s a kind of magic (video)




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